Download Utilities Package

We've created a number of stand-alone utilities for Brainlink. Source code for these utilities are located in the utilities directory of the PC/Mac Java package. You can dowload all utilities as a set of executable jars using the link at the top of the page. To learn about how to operate each utility, follow the links in the table below. 

Name          What it's for
Brainlink Command Panel Controlling all aspects of Brainlink: can be used to read internal sensors, set LED and buzzer, set/read signals on auxiliary connectors, capture IR signals and store to EEPROM, and transmit IR signals from EEPROM.
Signal Analyzer Capturing, automatically analyzing, and storing infrared remote control signals. Used to quickly create device files. Essential if you want to control a new robot or device.
Raw Signal Capturer Capturing and storing IR signals without analysis. Used as a backup to the Signal Analyzer.
File Writer Creating or editing device files without capturing IR signals.
File Inspector Viewing the contents of device files.
Port Finder Determining the serial port of the Brainlink.