Tutorial Name Description
Pairing your Brainlink to a Computer Step by step guide for pairing Brainlink in Windows, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu Linux.
Pairing your Brainlink to an Android Phone Step by step guide for pairing Brainlink with an Android phone
Writing Java programs for Brainlink A getting started guide for setting up a Brainlink project, running example files, and writing applications to control robots or devices.
Writing Android apps for Brainlink A getting started guide for writing your own Android apps or viewing our example apps.
Firmware Customization How to customize the Brainlink firmware, including setting up a development environment, a description of the current firmware, and how to over-write the current firmware.
All about IR Signals A primer on infrared signals and how they convey information to the device, as well as a description of the Brainlink's IR capabilities.
How to decode a Remote Discusses the various software utilities for capturing signals from an infrared remote control.

Coming Soon:

  • How to communicate with Roomba and Create using a serial connection.
  • How to hack your IR Transmitter to get greater range.
  • Mounting Brainlink to robots.
  • How to turn Brainlink into a TV-off device.
  • Using app-inventor with Brainlink

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