Brainlink Discontinued - buy at Surplus Shed

We are discontinuing sales and email support for the Brainlink controller to focus on our other products. This site will remain up indefinitely to provide support to existing customers.

Brainlink now $79

Just in time for the holidays - we're cutting the price of Brainlink to $79. Buy one today!

CMU Press Release

Android Code Update

Buy Brainlink Today!

First batch of Brainlinks from Manufacturer

Brainlink on Engadget

Engadget came by today at Maker Faire! You can watch their full interview at:

Maker Faire NY

Just a quick update - we'll be demonstrating Brainlink at Maker Faire NY and taking pre-orders on site. 

We expect to start selling Brainlinks in October.

Brainlink Wins Maker Faire Education Award

We took a prototype Brainlink to the Bay Area Maker Faire and they graced us with an Education Award!

Update on Infrared Receive Capability